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Viagra online is the most famous brand of drugs to fight erectile dysfunction. The appearance of this small diamond-shaped blue pill changed the world. It gave hope to millions of men suffering from impotence to live a normal sexual life.

This medication acts positively not only for the male ability to get an erection but also becomes a treatment for countless psychological problems that could be provoked by poor erection. Men, taking Viagra, regain confidence, inner power, and desire to live. Now we have a good ability to buy cheap Viagra online and save our time.

Another reason why Viagra became so popular and still keeps its leadership on the market of ED pills is its price. The users can choose between the brand and generic medication. Both contain the same amount of sildenafil citrate, both come into effect within an hour, both work for about 4 -5 hours, but their price is different. The choice of which Viagra to buy is up to you.

Drug Name:Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate)
Tablet Strength:200 mg, 150 mg, 130 mg, 120 mg,
100 mg, 50 mg, 25 mg
Best Price:$0.69
Shipment:Trackable Service (5-9 days), Mail (14-21 days)
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How does this Drug Work?

Each Viagra tablet has an inscription VGR25, VGR50, or VGR 100. These figures reflect the amount of the active ingredient in one pill. The mechanism of action of either of them is identic.

Sildenafil citrate stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the tissues of the male sex organ thus helping them relax and let more blood come to the penis. As a result, the man can attain a firm erection. It will last long enough for performing sexual intercourse.

However, the described mechanism can be triggered only when a man feels sexual arousal and gets adequate sexual stimulation. Due to this, an erection supported by Viagra intake looks natural and no awkward situations are possible. The effect of the drug finishes as soon as coitus is over.

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction with Viagra?

Every man may sometimes fail in bed, but it doesn’t mean that he suffers from impotence. Only a qualified specialist can set the diagnosis and give a prescription for cheap Viagra. Therefore, you should buy Viagra only after your healthcare provider confirms that you need it.

The medication should be taken as on-demand treatment. If you have sexual relations daily than you can take Viagra every day but make sure there is a 24-hour gap between the intakes. If you don’t plan any physical closeness, don’t take the pill.

(Sildenafil) Viagra starts working within an hour after the intake. Still, some men can feel the effect in already 20 minutes. It depends on many factors and you’ll never know until you try.
Viagra tablets should be taken on an empty stomach because food (especially fatty foods) can delay the onset of its action. The effect of the medication lasts for about 4 hours, but science knows the cases when it has been effective for the period up to 24 hours.

Who Shouldn’t Take Viagra?

Before you buy Viagra, consult your doctor as to the contraindications you may have. The basic ones are the following:

  • Intake of nitrate medications
  • Heart attack or a stroke within the previous six months
  • Serious deformations of the penis
  • Unstable blood pressure

To avoid any negative effects of the drug, you have to be completely sure that it’s safe for you. So never take the pill without your doctor’s recommendation.

What Forms of Viagra can be Bought Online?

Viagra Online

Viagra and its generics offer a wide choice of medical forms. The traditional and most popular one is pills. The recommended starting dose is Viagra 50mg. Depending on the efficacy and the duration of action of the drug, the dosage can be increased to 100mg or lowered to 25mg.

Another form popular among the customers is Viagra in the form of jelly. It comes in sachets with different flavors for a single intake. It starts working faster than the pill; 15 – 30 minutes is enough to feel the effect.

You can also buy Viagra online in the form of a sublingual spray, nasal spray, chewing gum, and even topical gel. Still, the studies concerning the safety and efficacy of some of these medicinal forms continue.

How to Buy Viagra Online Safely?

Purchasing Viagra in an online pharmacy, you have to be 100% sure it is not a fake. How can you do this? The online drugstore needs to have all the required documents to prove they work legally. It is also good if the company has at least a couple of years of experience in online drug sales.

Reading through some user testimonials can also make the picture clearer for you, so don’t ignore this source of information. Contact the support team and ask them all the questions you are interested in. They should have answers to all of them. Only if you are satisfied with the results of all these checkups, you can buy Viagra online.